New Product WF-R5690

New Product!

Great Price!

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R5690

WF-R5690 Copier

Print Copy Scan Fax

$89.95/Month for 36 Months

Includes service, toner, parts, and labor!

Copies included: 1,200 color & 1,200 b/w each month.

Toner VS Ink

Do you know how much ink is costing you?

Toner and Ink Cartridges

This morning I read a post entitled, “10 Unusual Printing Facts That You’ve Never Heard Of“. Two items were of particular interest to me. The first was that one year’s worth of the world’s discarded printer cartridges would circle the earth three times if stacked end to end. The second was that at $2,700 per gallon, printer ink is more expensive than rocket fuel.

If you print a fair amount the drum and toner system used by copiers can save you quite a bit of money and waste compared to ink and cartridges. In theory we all like lower cost and reduced waste, just maybe not enough to go out and get an expensive copier. There’s still another option. Our Kyocera printers also run on a drum and toner system based on ceramic technology. If you don’t print much, your old inkjet may still be the less expensive option, but other options may be worth looking into.

For businesses in the Treasure Valley, we’d be happy to come out and see if we can save you money on printing.