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AOS Services

Copier/Printer/Wide Format- Sales and Service

With our award winning product lines and broad range of copiers and printers, Automated Office Systems can meet virtually any of your needs.  We offer both black and white and full color copiers and printers, ranging in speed from 20 ppm to 80 ppm.  We assess your current program and discuss your future needs with you in order to jointly develop solutions for your copying and printing needs.  Automated Office Systems sells both new, and for those who are more budget conscious, gently used copiers and printers.  All of our copiers are fully warrantied under our service program.

Kyocera is our primary line of copiers and printers and you will enjoy the most reliable copier in the copier world.  Most other copiers are primarily made of metal and plastic.  Copiers can run very hot and as a result, the metal tends to absorb heat, leading to metal fatigue quickly.  Kyocera copiers have a ceramic component, which dissipates heat.  This leads to a longer lasting and more reliable copier.  Also, Kyocera copiers have up to a 600,000 preventative maintenance cycle which is 3 to 4 times longer than many of our competitor models.

Our service billings are billed and sent from our Boise office.  The advantage to you, our customer, is if there is a question, it is quickly handled by our local office and not from an out of the Treasure Valley office where they don’t know you or your situation.  We deliver your toner supplies directly to you, and they are not sent to you via mail.  Our customers value our personal touch and appreciate the extra little things we provide.

For those customers who would prefer not to call in meter reads or have us come out, we provide a utility that automatically reads your meter every month.  It will also let us know when your toner is low and needs replaced.  Your toner is hand delivered and personally installed.

When you decide to purchase a copier or printer, Automated Office Systems has many leasing or purchasing options available for you.  Some of those options include 90 deferred payment or leasing options with payments from 6 months up to 63 months.  We also offer end of lease terms of fair market value or a $1 buy-out.


Managed Print Services

Many people do not realize it, but printing costs are the number one unknown cost in a business environment.  Most companies do not know their true cost for ink cartridges, printing and copying costs, and unnecessary supplies and equipment.  Plus there are parts and IT costs that can prove to be very costly.

With Managed Print Services, we can help you determine your true cost and help you manage your printing programs.  We start by understanding your objectives, then do a detailed walk-through of your company, compiling a complete inventory of all your printers and copiers.  We obtain all necessary information, including your usage data, direct and indirect costs and your current vendor information.   With this information, we will provide a free assessment of  your current document management strategy.  This will help you better understand your current technology and workflow processes, usage patterns and related costs.  We will then customize a program that we jointly agree will better suit your needs and budget.  Your staff will no longer need to shop around for the best prices on parts, supplies, and toner.  We do all of that for you, including any maintenance and repairs.

With Automated Office Systems taking over your maintenance, it will free up your IT department, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.  Also, by doing preventative maintenance, it will reduce your potential downtime.  We will even recommend switching out printers that may receive more usage to another location that doesn’t get as much usage.   This will result in printers that last much longer, as they don’t break down from over-use.

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