Service Plans & Prodct Guarantees

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Under our service plans we provide maintenance and supplies including parts, labor firmware updates, and preventative maintenance with quick response times to keep your equipment running when you need it.  When the equipment is maintained continuously on our service plan you also get the following benefits for up to five years.

Guaranteed Performance

Product performance is guaranteed according to the following schedule:

20 C.P.M. or less 3 Years Unlimited Copies
21-50 C.P.M. 4 Years Unlimited Copies
51+ C.P.M 5 Years Unlimited Copies

Like for Like

If the equipment becomes unserviceable or replacement parts are unavailable, we will replace it with a unit of equal or greater capability.

Guaranteed Trade-In

A guaranteed trade-in will be given toward AOS equipment of greater value and capacity as follows:

First 90 days 100% Trade-In
3 to 12 Months 80%
13 to 24 Months 60%
25 to 36 Months 40%
37 to 60 Months 20%

Uninterrupted  Performance

If your equipment cannot be repaired in a timely manner, AOS will provide a loaner at no charge until such time as your equipment is up and running.

Product Training

A customer service representative from AOS will train you and your staff upon installation and as needed.